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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 114

In which Freddie gushes about this week’s big book, Locke and Key, Jesse puts to bed Season Eight of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Art hates on precocious kids in yet another issue about a Superman amalgam.



[00:31] Intro
[01:08] Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #4
[09:07] Memoir #1
[15:42] Buffy The Vampire Slayer #40
[21:58] Northlanders #36
[29:53] Superior #4
[37:14] Morning Glories #6
[49:29] Scarlet #4
[54:56] Outro

Nathan Edmondson Interview

On January 18th, 2011, Freddie got to interview writer, Nathan Edmondson (The Light, Olympus) about his new comic,
“Who Is Jake Ellis?”

Thanks to the nice folks at Lone Star Comics: Dallas for staying open late to allow this interview to take place.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Freddie: “Who Is Jake Ellis?” falls into the spy genre and your previous two books have been in very different genres. Do you find enjoyment in challenging yourself in writing in such different styles, or is this what feels natural to you as a writer?
Mr. Edmondson: It’s certainly not entirely purposeful, by which I mean, I don’t sit up and say “I want to do something very different in this book.” With each book, the inspiration was unique and led to a different story. I was drawn to doing something in the spy-space this time. I’m doing another book that’s kind of in that special forces/spy area. So, it’s just researching into it, there are a number of stories I saw in my head that I thought would be worth telling, that needed to be told. But, I do enjoy the challenge of exploring one genre after another. One, it allows me the opportunity to read a number of different things, and research in different directions. For one book, I can read these authors, and enjoy those authors, and try to get in their heads, and see how they may inspire me, what strengths I can draw from. And from another book, a whole stable of others. But, ultimately, I’m going to go where I’m inspired to write a story. Although, I think, any writer with a mind toward marketing and sales, and wants to make a living, needs to keep in mind both what is marketable at the time, and how he or she, as a creator, is being identified. It is difficult for some people, right now, to pin me as a certain kind of writer because each of my books have been radically different from each other. So, sometimes that can work against a creator. Many people want to go to someone and know what to expect from their next book. I’m trying to keep that in mind right now, whilst establishing myself in the industry.

Listen to find out more!

If you live around Atlanta, be sure to stop by Mr. Edmondson’s signing at Criminal Records this coming Wednesday.

Criminal Records
1154-A Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 215-9511
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 113

In which, Sweet Tooth is praised to high heaven, Choker makes

Freddie confused as hell, and Art admits his love for Mr. Ian Churchill.



[01:22] Sweet Tooth #17
[04:53] Walking Dead #80
[09:16] Suicide Forest #2
[15:04] 27 #2
[19:57] Marineman #2
[26:26] Choker #5


[30:17] Ultimate Captain America #1
[39:49] Generation Hope #3
[44:07] Avengers Prime #5
[54:36] Wolverine: Best There Is #2

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 112

Happy New Year! The boys kick the new year off right by talking about the past two weeks worth of honorable mentions in the world of comics. Don’t forget to enter our Comic Giveaway Contest by mentioning us (@4wP) on Twitter!

[00:00] Start
[00:43] Intro

[04:34] The Stuff Of Legend: The Jungle #3 (OF 4)
[07:11] Neonomicon #3 (OF 4)
[12:10] Batman Incorporated #2
[14:22] Ian Churchill’s Marineman #1
[16:10] Joe Hill’s The Cape One-Shot

[19:46] Osborn #2
[27:45] S.H.I.E.L.D. #5
[31:15] Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #4 (OF 6)
[39:06] Ultimate Comics Thor #3 (OF 4)

[44:05] Detective Comics #872

[48:47] Nemesis #4 (OF 4)
[1:06:19] Outro
[1:10:25] End