Monthly Archives: November 2011

Image Spotlight Podcast: Part 2

Freddie and Art are back talking Image Comics. Last time it was books that were out of the box, this time around, its all things Sci-Fi.

START: [00:00]
Last of the Greats #1-2 [00:49]
The Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1-2 [12:46]
The Red Wing #1-4 [23:01]
END: [36:48]

Image Spotlight Podcast: Part 1

The Fourth Wall continues with their company wide spotlights. This time it’s Image Comics.

START: [00:00]
Our Love Is Real (one-shot) [00:53]
Heart #1 [08:40]
The ‘Lil Depressed Boy #3-7 [20:37]
END: [35:34]

Marvel Spotlight: Fear Itself Podcast

Jesse & Freddie are back again with another spotlight, this time about Fear Itself.

Marvel Spotlight: X-Men Schism Podcast

Jesse and Freddie shine the spotlight toward Marvel, for a change, and discuss X-Men: Schism.