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Fourth Wall Weekly #18 – Media



  • Smart People [01:47]
  • Random Review: The Tracy Fragments [03:52]
  • The Wire: The Complete Fifth Season [05:17]
  • What’s Coming Next Week [07:59]


  • Madden ‘09 [10:03]
  • In The News [12:24]
  • Left 4 Dead [17:28]
  • Street Fighter 4 [21:19]


  • Tropic Thunder [24:11]
  • Tokyo Gore Police [35:34]
  • Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince delayed [41:20]
  • Russell Crowe Playing Bill Hicks? [50:35]


  • How to Save The Middleman [51:18]
  • Skins Preview [56:45]

Fourth Wall Weekly #11 – Media


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‘Til TV picks up steam we’re sticking with this format. Also, no games this week. Sorry, we weren’t in a playful mood…


Spotlight Release:
[1:16] Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs

Major Releases:
[10:04] Charlie Bartlett
[13:51] Definitely, Maybe

Other Mentions:
[18:50] The Hammer
[20:09] Noriko’s Dinner Table
[25:38] In Bruges


[29:43] Art reviews the movie and Fred reviews the comic.

Movie News:
[46:18] Peter Berg news


[46:52] The Middleman – Episodes 1 & 2

QUICK REVIEW: “Lost” writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach adaptation of his Viper Comics creation, The Middleman show you what happens when you combine the The Tick with Men In Black.

Check it out either Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC Family or anytime at ABC Family.go.com

[53:16] Suggestive (and legal) TV Viewing online including Newsradio on Hulu and Twin Peaks on Fancast.

[56:33] Wrap up includes the mention of the Battlestar Podcasts for the last two episodes of the year up on iTunes and Scifi.com