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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #18


Art’s piloting the rocketship, this time around. Also we talk about Frankenstein, young and old, mention girl superheroes, and discuss ex-hitmen on the run. What’s on the space docket for this episode:

[00:00] START
[00:16] Intro
[01:39] Takio #1
[18:22] Frankenstein Alive, Alive #1
[31:17] Dancer #1
[48:18] Outro
[51:24] END

Intro Music: Edgar Winter Group – “Frankenstein”


The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #17


With our new captain Danny behind the wheel, the guys hit the road talking about three new number ones. Playlist for this trip:

[00:00] START
[00:29] Intro
[02:06] Bad Medicine #1
[17:01] Fury MAX: My War Gone By #1
[29:27] Mind The Gap #1
[52:57] Outro
[55:17] END

Intro Music: Bon Jovi – “Bad Medicine”

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #16

Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny once again discuss three new number one issues! One is heavily influenced by J. Michael Straczynski, one is a master class in great comic book storytelling, and one is a pop culture referencing mess. Listen and find out what’s what!
[00:33] Intro
[02:06] America’s Got Powers #1
[15:07] Secret #1
[28:10] The Secret Service #1
[43:40] END
Intro Music: Built To Spill – “Sidewalk”

Sidecast #16: 2011 In Film


Remember 2011?
In this sidecast, Jesse, Art, Freddie, and Danny discuss the films of that fabled year.
Silent films, foreign films, action films, animated films, Uwe Boll films, and much more! Better late than never…

00:00 START
01:30 The Artist
09:31 The Descendants
12:11 Moneyball
16:45 Midnight in Paris
21:14 Submarine
25:09 Tree of Life
33:36 Attack The Block
35:54 Super 8
39:56 The Adventures of Tintin
42:36 Drive
47:35 13 Assassins
55:21 The Secret World of Arrietty
59:42 Melancholia
01:04:15 Young Adult
01:04:25 Suckerpunch
01:04:38 Dishonorable Mentions: Green Lantern, Cowboys and Aliens, Fright Night, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Real Steal, Hangover 2, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows…
01:06:14 We Need To Talk About Kevin
01:10:02 Green Hornet
01:12:10 Honorable Mentions: Rango, Paul, Source Code, King’s Speech, Hanna, Thor, Bridesmaids,
X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Captain America, Warrior, 50/50…
01:13:20 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
01:15:51 Looking forward to 2012: Prometheus, The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained, The Amazing Spider-Man, Bully, and Wrong
01:18:00 Uwe Boll’s rein of terror comes to an end…?

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #15

In this episode Freddie, Art, and Danny discuss three new comic titles!  Topics include: Zombies! Magic! And more damn zombies!

Happy Easter.

[01:28] Smoke and Mirrors #1
[13:10] The New Deadwardians #1
[28:02] Rebel Blood #1
[46:35] END

Intro Music: Cheap Girls – “Modern Faces”

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #14

Jesse, Art, and Freddie finally discuss some of their favorite comics that have been around a few years. Giant spoilers ahead!

[02:20] The Walking Dead #88-94
[21:32] Sweet Tooth #26-31
[29:36] The Stuff of Legend: Vol. 3 – A Jester’s Tale
[42:47] END

Intro Music: Teen Idols – “Ketchup Soup”

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #13

Jesse, Freddie, and Danny discuss three new number ones: The Manhattan Projects, Saucer Country, and SAGA!

[01:28] The Manhattan Projects
[12:43] Saucer Country
[22:40] Saga
[38:34] END

Intro Music: Old 97′s – “Oppenheimer”