The Fourth Wall Podcast Episode 122 Part 2

The countdown continues as the boys once again split the podcast into two parts! In part one the gang can’t get enough of Scott Snyder and are shocked by Walking Dead and in part two they talk about all things media.


START [00:00:23]


  • NEWS: WonderCon Green Lantern Footage (00:00:50)
  • NEWS: CinemaCon Marvel Film Footage (00:03:48)
  • REVIEWS: The Last Circus (00:05:38)
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Discussion (00:10:24)
  • Sucker Punch Review Redux (00:19:10)


  • New Spider-Man Game: Edge of Time (30:27)
  • PS3: Mortal Kombat Demo (32:53)
  • DISCUSSION: Gamestop, Used Games, and Game Developers (36:17)


  • NEWS: Frederator Studios Shopping James Kochalka’s ‘SuperF*ckers’(40:42)
  • NEWS: Wonder Woman’s New Wardrobe (41:53)
  • NEWS: AMC/Weiner negotiations + ‘Mad Men’ Set For (At Least) Two More Seasons (43:41)
  • NEWS:Twentieth Century Fox (and CBS) signed a new digital distribution agreement with Netflix. (47:31)
  • REVIEWS: Peabody Award winner Justified (49:11)

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