The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 84

This week the boys are joined by a very special guest, fellow comic book reviewer Cammy from ! Listen as they discuses why the Flash kids need to die and why Daytripper will make you cry and wanna kiss your cousin at the same time.

Start / Intro [00:20]


  • [02:45] The Flash #1
  • [13:27] Brightest Day #0
  • [21:59] Punisher max #6
  • [29:09] New Mutants #12
  • [34:03] Siege: Captain America
  • [37:07] Siege: Loki


  • [42:50] Daytripper #5
  • [50:36] The Light #1
  • [57:31] Cold Space #1

Outro [1:00:28]

Total Time [1:04:00]

Once again our many thanks to Cammy for joining in on the madness, make sure to check out all of Cammy’s videos and much more at his website:

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