Fourth Wall Weekly #14 – Media


July 20, 2008


What’s Out This Week:

[00:34] The boys place their witty commentary on the following releases:

  • The Bank Job
  • College Road Trip
  • Penelope
  • Hip-Hop For Kids
  • Step Up 2 The Streets
  • SECRETARY Re-Release
  • Birds of Prey: The Live Action Series
  • Batman: The Animated Series – Complete Series Release Details


[15:57] For our new (I can’t believe I’m about to write this) “Cock-Tease” section, we talk on the following trailers:

  • Watchmen
  • Harry Potter
  • Quarantine


[29:12] Jesse brings us news on E3


[40:20] Fred and Art review this week’s Fear Itself episode entitled “New Year’s Day” co-written by Steve Niles.

[44:16] While Jesse and Art shower the creative team of The Wire (David Simon & Ed Burns) with praises on their new mini-series, Generation Kill.


This Week’s Big Release:

[49:40] The Dark Knight

Wrapping Up:

[1:04:07] The show ends Danny Leary’s Kick-Ass Update on the Kick-Ass imdb page as we fade out…

One response to “Fourth Wall Weekly #14 – Media

  1. Uh…as I just said to Arthur via Facebook…the Smashing Pumpkins song + Watchmen trailer = FUCKING AWESOME….so yeah, Jesse knows it.

    But the other dude (don’t know who you are) is right, the Batman & Robin + Smashing Pumpkins music video = a shit sandwich. AND Prince should definitely write a Watchmen song, haha.

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