Fourth Wall Weekly #10 – Comics

Here’s the latest weekly in a dynamic duo of options:

Each one featuring Jesse, Freddie, Art and Danny



  • [0:00] We just hit the double digits and we couldn’t be more proud.

On The Top Of The Stack:

  • [1:45] Ghost Rider #24
  • [4:41] Wolverine #66
  • [23:21] Kick-Ass Director’s Cut

Trade Show:

  • [25:56] Y: The Last Man – Volume 10

Ultimate Marvel:

  • [33:57] Prelude to the Ultimate Universe Podcast (Coming Soon)
  • [36:40] Reviews of Ultimate Fantastic Four #55 & Ultimate X-Men #95


  • [46:11] Anna Mercury #2

Last, But Not Least:

  • [51:58] Incredible Hercules #118

  • [53:29] Teen Titans Year One #5
  • [55:31] Tiny Titans #5

DC News:

Didn’t get much on the Dixon story as neither DC nor Dixon wanted to go in depth and if there’s only two sources, and if both of them say “No comment”, well then…

The Didio story sounds more like harsh words amongst the DC readers regarding the state of the DCU. We’ll see…

Last Words:

  • [1:04:00] Art reviews Angel: After The Fall #9 as the rest of the boys  wrap up this week’s episode.

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